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Born under the harvest moon near a large outcropping of rocks resembling that of an eagle with its wings outstretched; This wild heathen spent most of her hot and crazy California days poolside. Wild nights in a shimmery smoked filled bar; an environment of music, art, nightlife, and a lengthy client list* that swallowed her up whole.

As the years progressed she began to wander from the coastal beaches, through the desert plains and over the rocky sierras. Accompanied only by her faithful dog and a small film camera.


The dog turned out to be a wolf. And the camera...well that tiny magic box proved to be her most prized possession. So she destroyed it.


Only to rebuild it. 

Some people shred guitars, others shred paper.  

Genie shreds lens.

The Sunset Strip Business Assoc.

The City of West Hollywood

The Viper Room

The House of Blues

The Roxy

Les Deux

Angels & Kings

The Playboy Mansion

Penelope Tuesdae aka Jill Janus

The Jonas Brothers

The Chelsea Girls

Thomas Migone


The Dolce Group

Jack Daniels


Kraft Foods

Great Northern Brewing Co.

Pink Taco

Fuku Burger

AP Magazine

Metal Hammer

Guitar Player


XXL Magazine

...and the list goes on

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